You spend your childhood learning how to be brave. You spent your adulthood learning how to fear. Beware. I am fearless. Therein alone lies my power. In a vast surrender lies my only strength. Between […]

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Et vous avez supposé que vous me connaissiez… Avez-vous déjà regardé profondément dans mes yeux? Avez-vous placé votre paume ouverte sur mon coeur? Avez-vous pas demandé à mon intensité tranquille, ma sensibilité intelligente? Il a […]


‘There but for the Grace of God go I.’ Have you ever said that to yourself? Or thought it? Maybe you deny God, and have no concept of Grace; so you say to yourself instead, […]


You claim ‘depression’; claim, instead, adaptability, irrepressibility, resilience. So you are messed up; disoriented, somehow, unsure, unclear. Pause. Find your centre. Get your bearings. Change something. It may have to be something big. It usually […]