Confessions are meant to be heard; secrets are best kept silent.

Pristine sylvan beauty. This is a sanctuary for the senses, a refuge for the mind, a haven for the heart. Truly stunning.

From a distance, a modicum of charm appears evident. In reality, both outside and inside, the photos are but illusory. To suggest that the property needs work, is a grievous misrepresentation of actuality. Water damage and pest infestation are rampant. ‘As-is’ is-not. The land, too, much of it inaccessible due to standing water, appears to be permanently inundated. From the vegetation and the water fowl, without the installation of an aggressive drainage regimen, much of the land could scarcely be recovered from the marsh that now claims it.

The property on Lincoln is quaint, or strives for quaint, but lacks that whimsical quality which might render it more appealing. Owing to seeming contrivances of renovation, a conflict exists with its natural character. There is a contradiction of aesthetic. Form and function are not in balance. The importance of the kitchen and dining room has been diminished by a misguided focus elsewhere within the home. It is disconcerting, disquieting somehow. If defies any desire to place oneself at rest.

Diminution, Bainbridge-style, with all its advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps most suitable for those intent upon moving up to Bainbridge while moving down in both scale and expectation. This property is enough, certainly, but not an iota more than that.

Charm, grace, sophistication, without superfluity, without extravagance. With its age, this home has found its essence, and is at ease therein. One feels immediately comfortable, as if the home were opening itself in welcome, in embrace. By all appearances, this home has never felt the pangs of neglect, never languished from maintenance deferred. It is lovely, because it has been loved. The views of water, and the eastern sun and light, are not hindered but enhanced by the conifers rising majestically from the slope leading down to Eagle Harbor. To its already unique history, this home beckons the commencement of a new chapter, a new era.

From the perspective of its originality of design alone, this property is a must-see. Its placement amongst the trees, in harmony with its orientation, and with its surroundings, welcomes all who approach the expansive stairs to the front door with seemingly genuine open arms. A liberty is granted here; an invitation to share in the serenity of this magical home. Inside, the wood-framed windows summon the light, which graciously complies, filling the home with light. Surrounded by towering conifers, one might presume a diminishment of brightness, but the light seeks the house, even as the house seeks the light. Immediately apparent is the lavish openness of space horizontally, vertically, and beyond the windows, through the trees, and up into their loftiest boughs. From the farthest corner of the living room, into the dining room, and into the kitchen, light and air, and conversation and view, commingle. The feeling is one of freedom. The response is one of joy.

Evening showing under rain heavy clouds, greatly subduing what light the southern sky might normally have granted. The age of the home bestows upon it a dignity, a soundness, a perseverance. Evident in its age are also all those years of endurance against the elements. For the most part, the home has prevailed with merely the telltale signs of age. Despite and still, there is much life here. One gets a sense that this noble home is simply undergoing a changing of the guard.

Wasted space may be space that is mis-used, ill-used, or, worse yet, space seemingly deprived of any perceivable function whatsoever. This home appears large, but much of its area defies both definition and invention. There is a dearth of harmony between the the rooms, a deficiency of balance, a depravity of common integration that might strive, even against such odds, to effect union. The overall feeling is one of misplacement.

Every line of sight pursues its greatest distance, height, and depth seemingly unhindered. Like the lobby of a five-star hotel, an unfettered lavishness of space encourages a concomitant opening of the spirit. The mind is eased, the heart uplifted, burdens may be left at the door. In a space this open, all machinations of intent, all artifice of design, would find no place to hide. Candour and assuredness prevail.

This property, in its every aspect, defies characterization. To convey that it is unique is an understatement. It is one-of-a-kind. To suggest that it is merely exceptional is a minimization. It is prodigious beyond compare. The quality, the aesthetic, the craftsmanship are unassailable. In nuance, in refinement, in distinction, it is truly exquisite. This is not simply a must-see; this is a must-see-to-believe.

Ample – every space, every room, every height and depth, every capacity, every light, every sense, every view. This much liberty is deliciously, deliriously appealing. And it is on Lemolo!

Views so stunning, the breath is stolen. From its approach on Sunrise, one cannot be wholly prepared for the sublime beauty of this home. All of the years that it has lived, it appears to have thrived, to have been reborn each day with the rising of the new sun, to have been loved with demonstrable caring. The level of sophistication here defies the mundane. The master suite upstairs is the perfect collision of authenticity and magic. I could go on, but I remain breathless.

Abundantly, generously welcoming. Strangely, a whimsy overwhelms upon entering this home. It makes you happy. It is as simple as that. It is like an embrace. It feels good. It consoles. It forgives. It plays along. Strangely, too, this home appears to have assumed the rôle of big sister, amongst its neighbours; or, perhaps, it was awarded that designation by common decree. The smile is still on my face.

Between renovation and transformation, there is innovation. Stunningly, inimitably realised, this home has traversed decades to straddle the enduring and the prospective. As Seattle grows across the water in plain view, this home is poised to accompany it into the future.

Art may be described, evaluated, and interpreted by its form. Craft is defined most often simply by its functional manifestation. Art does not function, really. Its purpose is to engage with the senses in other ways. Between art and craft, between form and function, it is integrity that is most sought, most valued. Integrity suggests, boldly, loudly, a lack of contrivance. Integrity is upright, honest, pure, entire; appearing as it is, being as it appears. This home, in its artfulness, in its handicraft, in its unflinching adherence to excellence, is truly one-of-a-kind.

If the essence of art is confession, the essence of craft is gratitude. This home, not just here and there, but everywhere, is an expression of gratitude, to earth, perhaps, especially, but also to heaven; to the heart, stronger than the strongest hand; to the spirit, imbued with inspiration to rival any temporal motivation. The art, the confession of a declaration of intent, of purpose, of perseverance.

When the idiosyncratic and the whimsical lead to joyful, audible surprise at every turn, the imagination stimulated, the interest enthralled, one has escaped the confines of one’s comfort zone, and made foray into the realm of adventure. This home boldly shouts the question, Why not?

In the most elusively delightful of fashions, this home defies both right angles and conventional sense. It compels, nonetheless, even so, all the more. Idiosyncratic, it invites an adventurous familiarity. In the originality of its spaces, it does not merely encourage individualization, it demands it. A thoroughly engaging, whimsically provoking eccentricity.

Enrapturing in its simplistic sophistication, one is cast into a seeming trance of synaesthetic bliss upon entry. It is as if this home, by destiny’s design, were born, not built, here. So profound is its harmony with its surroundings, both near and distant, one feels a sublime measure of equilibrium, of equanimity; a tranquility that is at once dynamic and unassertive. One-of-a-kind.

This home is endearing. One feels a bond of gratitude with a home that gives more than it asks. To be in its embrace, one senses the nurturing cadence of life well lived, in just the right amount of space, with just the right conformation of balance and variance.

Disconcertingly absent of concord, equilibrium. Try though it may, no pretense can camouflage neglect.

Certainly not denying nor minimizing its lavish appearance, that impression appears at least somewhat a façade, the superficial masking of a nucleus seemingly less exceptional. Granted, looks may be deceiving; but affectation is often flaunted through ostentation.