Month: June 2019


Apparently unsure of its orientation, despite the distant water view amongst the trees. It is not its outside bearing that is ambiguous, but its interior posture. Seemingly simultaneously deprived of precepts and aesthetic refinement, its […]

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Would that imagination were valued as highly as any more tangible asset; and that potential were readily marketable, and not merely smiled upon. Were that the reality, and not the present one, this incomparable home […]


This home valiantly defies all preconceptions, all conventions, all expectations. For the more intrepid at heart, thrilled by such defiance, the home excites the imagination, enlivens the aesthetic vision, and reconfigures, seemingly, all future endeavours […]


Upon entering this splendid home, one is immediately struck by the realisation, both conscious and sensual, that something very special is about to unfold. Awe must be overcome to take another step. Have you crossed […]