Though claimed throughout millennia of Western culture that truth is by definition objective, it is that culture that both defines that truth, and determines the extent of its relevance. The belief in the absolute objectivity of truth is the very submission that renders individuals, first, then entire populations, vulnerable to social and political power, oppression, tyranny. Truth in the sense of conceptual metaphor is identified relative to those systems, parties,  individuals poised to benefit most fully from the creation of fear, or awe, reverential fear, that they elicit. Most metaphors evolve with the natural progression of time; many, too, though, are imposed upon those inclined to submit by people in power – political, religious, and business leaders, and by their co-conspirators and collaborators in advertising, and the media. Beguiled by the myth of objectivism, wherein truth is always absolute, those who impose their metaphors of truth on the culture are granted by the acquiescence of the masses the right to interpret all that is to be considered true.