Of the six senses, together with hiraeth, the sense of home, the discernment of smell is most primal, most instinctually animalic. Smelling is free, untamed, raw. Though one may see and hear before smelling, the smelling brings that which is perceived as close as it can get, often close enough to touch.

Owing to the profound importance of scent, fragrance, perfume; without it, we are truly naked, unadorned, regardless of whatever else we may being wearing. Perfume garnishes us, embellishes us, graces us; it also unveils us, revealing us at our most primal, our most carnal. Perfume may lull us into transcendence, it may cause the heart to quicken. Perfume casts us into a realm wherein concealment and invention are at play with honesty and reality, where fantasy and mystery defy definition and identity.

Perfume excites, invigorates, inspires. Perfume summons us to places we have never been before; it beckons us return to our origins. Sensations long subdued emerge. A new-found confidence arises. The assurance that we are as we appear, that we appear as we are, self-determined,  unique at last, at last realised, alters every aspect of our bearing and our behaviour.

Wearing a perfume, loudly, boldly, proclaims to the world that we are in the world, of the world, explorer and explored, a vast surrender our only strength. If belief determines reality, then perfume imbues the imagination, which animates the perception, which determines that certainty.  Interest, fascination, infatuation, obsession, all lie in mystique rather than in disclosure. Within the realm of mystery, at the precise moment and place where truth and magic collide, often aided by perfume, there is love.