As time learns a boredom,

Loathes the determinate succession,

Irks with uncalendared event

And brings surprise to be,

The natural conscience snapped in me—

And lo! I was; I am.


Elastic logic thinning

Grows delicate to marvels.

Fine argument at finest disembroils

The ravelled choking maze of caution.

The sudden of the slow is bred,

The curious of the common.


Into the sceptic fog that mists

Infraction from the chronic rule

Stumbles intelligence a-rage

To find the unthought wanton thought

And, self-confounding, think it.


This is that latest all-risk:

An I which mine is for the courage

No other to be, if not danger’s self.

Nor did I other become, others,

In braving all-risk with hushed step,

Mind rattling veteran armouries.