Triumphs celebrated, triumphs foretold

The monsoon, three times chased around the globe. The Trans-Siberian, three times traversed, Paris, Irkutsk, Beijing. The Great Wall, from Mutianyu to Laolongtou, on foot.

On fishing boats, hopped the islands from Scotland to Iceland to Greenland. The Taj Mahal in every season, under every Moon. Sobriety since 11/03/2001. Soviet Theatre and Drama, Saint Petersburg. Comparative Celtic Linguistics, Dublin.

Pilot, general aviation, private and commercial, multiple ratings, over 10,000 hours as pilot-in-command. Tolerance, adaptability, versatility, assimilation, and perseverance have all been enhanced in me through decades of expatriate life abroad.

An experience-schooled wisdom prevails in my intercommunications with the most diverse of populations. Imagine, changing your orientation to change your life. Imagine me as your guide, translation and interpretation included.