Month: August 2019

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Revolution affirmed, asserted, believed, claimed, contended, declared, defended, professed, upheld, won. Evolution, holding, being held; grasping, never clinging. Risk, daring, chaos, unfettered; order’s reliably erratic eccentricity defied. Imbalance – balance. Rushing – waiting. Invention – […]


Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic?  Why be afraid of anything, just because others are afraid, just because you are encouraged by ignorance, by society, by government, to be afraid? Instead, be quiet. Listen. Observe. […]

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Visual epiphany

Persian carpets may not be Persian at all, of course, but Anatolian, or, more broadly, Central Asian. Geometrically patterned Persian carpets, originally woven by nomadic tribes, are decorated with linear elements composed of vertical, horizontal and […]

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Sometimes I want quiet thunder. Sometimes I want loud silence. To prevent the lulling into complacence, the stupefaction unto oblivion, I deliberately, conscientiously cast my thoughts beyond all reality but my own. When presented with […]

The Kiss

Rodin’s Kiss seems somehow stolen, diminished in significance and value by its very urgency, its grasping, its lust. Brâncuși’s Kiss seems deliberate, intentional, lingering. The infatuation, the being in love, has evolved into love.   […]