Evolution, or revolution

When, day after day, nothing seems to change, but before you know it, everything is different, that is evolution.

Inevitably, slowly, evolution just happens. If change is gradual, its increments casual, often unnoticed, resistance is minimal. The decadent seek variety at its most reliably erratic – change unchanged, continuous in its predictability. The powerful likewise champion the continuity that would not unsettle their dominance.

Revolution is struggled for, fought for, won. Thwarting the cyclical turnings of history, revolution summons the province and ascendency of destiny.

Surely, before revolution was invented, there was evolution.

Revolution is sought by the few for the many – freedom needs to move; evolution, by the many for the many – power must remain, the few be damned.

Is the sweet thing, then, a sweet lie? And the sour thing, then, a sour lie? There will be sweet things which are true things, and good things which are sweet things, when time on time has cooled the madness which is self, when the sane season comes that muffles greedy joy, and shames sagacity to falter.

By evolution or revolution, in the end, there is binding and accounting, there is oneness, and the sign that truth shall not yield to mist again. Cloudy prediction shall not dim again the sparkling end.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. White is not always light; black is not always dark.