Revolution affirmed, asserted, believed, claimed, contended, declared, defended, professed, upheld, won. Evolution, holding, being held; grasping, never clinging.

Risk, daring, chaos, unfettered; order’s reliably erratic eccentricity defied.

Imbalance – balance. Rushing – waiting. Invention – tradition.

Freedom needs to move; power must remain. Move with passion. Rest in reason. Recklessness, heedlessness, defying complacence, indifference, injustice.

Is the sweet thing, then, a sweet lie? And the sour thing, then, a sour lie? There will be sweet things which are true things, and good things which are sweet things, when time on time has cooled the madness which is self, when the sane season comes that muffles greedy joy, and shames the sagacity to falter.

By evolution or revolution, in the end, there will be binding and accounting, there will be oneness, and the sign that truth shall not yield again to ambiguity. Cloudy prediction shall not dim again the sparkling end.

We are not your enemy. We, who want to present you strange mighty lands, where flowering mystery surrenders itself to the takers, where new fires are and colours unseen, phantasms by the thousands weightless, which need to be given reality.

And we want to explore bounty’s enormous land all stillness, where time is to banish, to call back. Forgive us battling always at the limits of limitlessness and tomorrow. Mercify our errors. Pity our regrets.

Revolution is sought by the few for the many; evolution, by the many for the few.

Choose to be now, or then.