Month: August 2019

Ее бабочка

Я подыму ей, я сказал, дубовая жертва каждой вены … Я принесу ей (глупый каприз) звездная молния островов моря, нежные муки скалистых мхов, длинный пациент иероглифический из морских водорослей; но я никогда не взорвался труба […]

As it is written

Writing is certainly not the imposition of a form of expression on the matter of lived experience. The course of writing, though towards a goal, perhaps, is merely a direction, its steps erratic. Writing unfolds […]


Close your eyes, think of somewhere you have never been before; imagine otherworldly impossibility, dreams within dreams; re-create yourself, as you envision your best creation. Fear does not exist, because the mind is no longer […]


Do not sugarcoat anything. Sound the depths of your most profound truth. No matter how explicit, how raw, how offensive, fuck your mind and its pathetic cowardice, spill your guts, uncensored, un-edited. You can keep […]