(Thank you for enquiring as to my current feelings vis-à-vis my debut. Candidly, you find me in the throes of a sweeping reassessment of direction. Having only barely crossed the threshold into the current realm, I have been met with a dearth of acknowledgement, an abundance of hesitation, as if I were the supplicant, and the present situation the reluctantly gracious benefactor.

Not a chastised son at all, and certainly not returning in prodigality, I thought to confer upon my host, a foolish whim, to be sure, nothing short of the world, in its splendor and idiosyncrasy, where flowering mystery surrenders itself to the takers, where new fires are and colours unseen, phantasms by the thousands weightless, which need to be given reality. Therein, together, again, o such vagary, to explore bounty’s enormous land all stillness, where time is to banish, to call back.

Aberration, diversion, delusion? Perhaps. Contrary to my admittedly extravagant expectations, I have been cut adrift, denied both roots and destination. From where I currently stand, I am able only to contemplate an exit, first, and then a change of course,  not back towards anything familiar, but onwards in pursuit of a domain of challenge and inspiration, a realm of fascination wherein truth and magic collide. 

Within the current hierarchy, all ranks but one appear smugly, complacently fulfilled. Who is your visionary? Who is your Magician? Who is your poet? Who is your Muse?

In the days to come, my continued path will be determined and revealed.)


What can a flame remember? If it remembers just a little more than is necessary, it goes out. If it remembers just a little less than is necessary, it goes out. If only it could teach us, while it burns, to remember correctly.

Between concealment and honesty, between invention and reality, between revelation and mystery, between artfulness and artifice, between standing still and moving forward, between knowing and feeling, there is courage. What can a flame remember? It remembers to be brave.


With this formal notification, with all due respect, I submit my resignation, effective immediately. Considering the circumstances, this earnest action is rather, more correctly, an amicable departure, a cordial disassociation. My decision is incontrovertible.

Though inactive, indeterminately, my license, set for renewal, all requisites fulfilled, will remain valid.

I appreciate the opportunity granted to me to consider this opportunity from inside its doors. Standing there, though, just inside, my welcome tentative, perhaps, my vision uninspired, rather than submit to a defensively guided tour, only at greater length to confirm my initial perception upon entering, I believe it best, still in the doorway, to bow my respects, and to take my leave.

My best regards to you all. My best wishes for your continued vitality.