Trojan horse

In the States, perhaps more than anywhere else, freedom is illusory. If one is denied freedom, one has no expectation of such. It might be argued that much of the world denies freedoms granted here. But are they really granted here?

Democracy is a sham when some votes count more than other votes; when votes can be coerced by power to favour power; when mass persuasion, mass hysteria, mass delusion collude to garner votes. Majority grants authority, which, assuming power, determines, not right, but expedience, in assuring the continuation of power.

Rightness cannot be determined by majority appeal. Rightness is independent of the number of those who recognise it, defend it, uphold it. One person might be right, and everyone else misguided, beguiled, deceived. Vision is granted to but few, the few astute enough, courageous enough to see beneath and beyond the smoke and the mirrors.

But then, again, it is those in authority who identity and define the courses and constraints of mass gullibility. Authority is not concerned with general well-being, but with their own personal power and gain. Right is made wrong; wrong, as it is corrupted  by the wishes, motives, and schemes of those in power; fashioned into a fallacy of right, a delusion of right, sleights of hand, betrayals of loyalty, Trojan horses every one.