Month: October 2019


At that place and time where truth and magic collide, there is love. In that love, there is an insouciance, an innocence, a guilelessness. Conversely, there are neither truth nor magic in thinking, deprived as […]


Memory and imagination are separate and distinct. Their sources are entirely different. Memory resides in the mind, as a repertoire of experience. When the mind ventures outside itself, making foray into the realm of imagination, […]


Artists stand alone. Their risks are their own; their responsibilities, their own; their failures, their own; their triumphs, their own; their art, their own. Throughout history, the wisest leaders have been guided by their bards, […]


If you feel weary, not because you have done so much, but because you have done so little, your apathy is in danger of progressing into spiritlessness, and from there to lifelessness. It is the […]