If you feel weary, not because you have done so much, but because you have done so little, your apathy is in danger of progressing into spiritlessness, and from there to lifelessness.

It is the mind that separates the world outside from the world inside, fabricating opposition, giving rise to hate and to fear, bringing about all of the wretchedness of life.

Why are you so scared? Why deny it? You are scared shitless. You are paralysed with fear. You are unable to move, unable to speak. Your words catch in your throat.

Why do you care what other people think? What threat do they hold over you? Fear is a contrivance of the mind. The only tyranny that oppresses you is that of the mind. Free yourself. Trust your feelings, not your mind. Fuck what other people think.

Find courage, strength, joy in what your senses perceive. Fuck all that shit that is running through your brain. In a reinvigorated space, your mind, too, in reconciliation with your sensual awareness, will be restored to serenity.

F – E – A – R : Forget Everything And Run – or – Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours. Life does not give itself to one ,who tries to keep all of its advantages at once. Cease, to begin anew.