Experience all that for which your future self will thank you. The moment you now refuse, you will never see in your life again. The little things, the little moments – they are big. Any configuration of life repeated – lived more than once – is not a life.

Disemburden yourself of any and all impulse, desire, impetus to fit in. If everyone has it, refuse it. If everyone does it, do not. If everyone thinks it, think differently. If everyone wants it, reject it. Rebǝl. Novv.

Any thing lost can be found again.

Time is not a thing. It is a concept arising from change experienced and observed, expressed by past, present and future, and often measured by the amount of turning of the earth on its axis; a moment at which, or stretch of existence during which, something happens; a season; a spell, an interval, or a period; duration; rhythm, tempo; rate of speed; reckoning…

Time lost may not be found again.