Month: October 2019


You spend your childhood learning how to be brave. You spent your adulthood learning how to fear. Beware. I am fearless. Therein alone lies my power. In a vast surrender lies my only strength. Between […]


You claim ‘depression’; claim, instead, adaptability, irrepressibility, resilience. So you are messed up; disoriented, somehow, unsure, unclear. Pause. Find your centre. Get your bearings. Change something. It may have to be something big. It usually […]


Dans ma folie, j’ai prié pour des tempêtes, les cherchait, les aspirant particulièrement où ils font rage avec la plus grande véhémence, croyant que ces tempêtes seuls pourrait réprimer mes démons, apportez-moi la paix.   Favoriser […]

Rave on

In my madness, I have prayed for storms, sought them, yearned for them, especially where they rage most vehemently, believing that those storms alone might quell my demons, bring me peace.   Favouring always scrupulous […]