Month: October 2019


Age discloses nothing. Ask, rather, how many New Moons I have witnessed; how many Full, in how many places. How many sunrises, sunsets. How many miles I have travelled. Upon how many faces have I […]

La motivation

Que quelque chose soit ou non une œuvre d’art ou d’artisanat est déterminé davantage par la motivation de son créateur de sa génération que par la création elle-même. On peut dire que la poésie est […]


Every word has repercussion. Every silence has reverberation. Despite and still, you must break free from the consequences dictated by the definitions and the expectations of others. Disembroil yourself from the raveled, choking maze of […]


Under the bright southern sun, the home was bathed in light and warmth, diffused and dissipated through windows craving even the suggestion of attention. The fireplace, obsolete as such, so grotesque in its originally imagined […]


Autonomy, balance, compassion, concealment, daring, defiance, eccentricity, impudence, intelligence, invention, mystery, secrecy, sedulity, striving, surrender, unpredictability, virtuosity vulnerability.


And if you know not? Then is that which you feel still not still felt, nor has complaint of desolation? For the senses have need neither of appreciation nor of acknowledgement, nor to be signaled […]