Cymru am byth!

For Wales, for the Welsh, the vote should have been, should be, to leave or to remain with England, with the blustering, bullying, swaggering English. 

With the departure of the Romans, mid-fifth century, the Saxons subdued our motherland, ravished our resources, defiled our population, campaigned mercilessly to silence our language, to stifle our culture. To this day, despite centuries of unfaltering defiance, decades of activism notwithstanding, Wales remains under English domination, Saxon tyranny.

The few concessions made recently have been but a tease; continued distortion, exaggeration, manipulation, misreporting, misinterpretation, perversion, all in the fictitious guise of liberty. A single Welsh language television channel broadcasting English news is no accommodation at all; a radio station, a magazine, a newspaper, spewing English rhetorical hypocrisy, pretending to be sympathetic with Welsh sensibilities, is again but the despotism of the wolf in the clothing of the sheep. For what is tyranny? It is the creation of a false but seemingly constant threat to security, to well-being; proclaimed through mass indoctrination, spawning mass hysteria; encouraging mass demand for its own enslavement.

At best, only fifty percent of Welsh speakers – they being only a quarter of the population at most – avail of the Welsh media, rife as it is with Saxon deceit. The Welsh pre-date the Anglo-Saxon predominance, yet apart from the novelty of our language, our voices, our rugby, our Red Dragons, our coal and our slate, our mountains and our valleys, our prowess on stage, by many, we in our submission to the English are but lesser English, darker English, inferior English. One becomes what one reads, watches, heeds. And what are you as a Welsh woman or man reading, watching, heeding? Naught but English persuasion, gratifying duped appetites with sustenance that flatters taste but feeds not, swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things.

The English have never been our allies, our friends, our comrades. Worse even than our enemies, they are our conquerers, motivated through Welsh acquiescence to redouble their abuses. Welsh radicalism, extremism, nationalism are alive and well. On what side are you? Stand for Wales, as Welsh women and men; or stand as traitors for the fucking English who only continue to condemn Welsh culture, to shatter our communities and our dreams, to exploit our natural wealth. 

Brexit or not, the Welsh must stand on their own for Wales. Our striving will undoubtedly be applauded by the rest of Europe, the rest of the world.

A suggestion, to those for whom it is not already abundantly apparent – prefix every mention of the English, privately and publicly, with ‘fucking’ – the ‘fucking English’. Get used to it. If nothing changes, nothing changes. It is time to break free.