Vignette in three acts

I. Emptiness is not nothingness. It is not nihilism, either existential or moral. Emptiness is a type of existence that surrenders to all, yet grasps at and clings to nothing. Only when filled with this emptiness is one truly free. Only in this vast surrender, this denial of possession, is there strength.

II. Gratitude may be simply appreciation or, its more sacrificial manifestation, devotion. Surrender, acceptance, and gratitude enable fulfilment, satisfaction, completion. The greater the sacrifice, the more exultant the consummation. Gratitude is the impetus by and through which creation occurs.

III. Meditation is not focus; it is the absence of focus. Upon the silent repetition one’s cryptically symbolic mantra,  quietening one’s thoughts, with regular meditation, all mental activity is stilled, and even one’s  mantra finds rest. All that remains in the mind are blissful emptiness, sublime serenity.

Epilogue.   Choose to be now or then.  Here, is now. There, was then.