Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want?  Whence do you come? When will you leave?

Beware! Respond in self-determination, approaching rhythms of old circumstance to the perilous margin, moment; declaring an identity which yours is for the courage no other to be, no other to become, if not danger’s self. Or respond in subordination, yielding to the definitions, the limitations, the injunctions of others.  

Many of the strongest women and men were broken in their early lives. Scarred, but determined, now standing alone, each of them, raging defiantly, rebelling against all who would torment them, the duped majority and their despotic masters.

Most of the weakest women and men  have never been broken. In fear, they fled their gauntlets un-run, cowering amongst the other graspless in group submission to every threat, both real and imaginary, sycophantic puppets of sinarquist autocracy.

Become alone, not to avoid hurt, but to claim, to accept mastery over my own destiny, however that might unfold. Become the truth that is magic. You are the magician. Cast yourself – fearlessly. You are the spell. Re-create yourself, as you envision your best creation. Close your eyes, think of somewhere you have never been before; imagine otherworldly impossibilities, dreams within dreams. Fear does not exist, because the mind is no longer in control, but has been purged of all thought save the moment by moment acknowledgement of sensual impetus.  Brilliance may now unfold unencumbered.

Be as you appear; appear as you are. Poet, muse-obsessed. Myrmidon, though loyalty is the least of virtues, warrior of destiny. Iconoclast, that hypocrisy may be extinguished, that truth may prevail. Magus, neither master nor slave.