Change is the basis of all history, the impetus for continued vigour. To every natural life, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Neglect will hasten that end; use, or care, will prolong it. The end is yet future until vitality is extinguished. Love, too, of course, progresses towards its eventual transfiguration from love demonstrated and felt, to love remembered.

Upheaval is desirable, essential. Zealous, obsessive minds, empowered by circumstance, seize opportunity. Acquiescence exhausted resorts to aggression; restraint no longer tenable unleashes antagonism, then provocation.

Evolution is inevitable, but slow. If change is gradual, its increments casual, often unnoticed, resistance is minimal. The decadent seek variety at its most reliably erratic – change unchanged, continuous in its predictability. The powerful likewise champion the continuity that would not unsettle their dominance.

Enter revolution. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Change it now. White is not always light; black is not always dark.