The top dot represents position; the two dots below, extension; the three dots below those, surface; the four dots at the bottom, three-dimensional space. The pyramid, the emblem of the Triple Goddess, is philosophically interpreted as Beginning, Prime, and End; and the central dot of this figure makes a five with each of the four dots of the sides. Five represents the colour and the variety which nature gives to three-dimensional space, and which are apprehended by the five senses, technically called ‘the  wood’ – a quincunx of five trees; this colored various world is formed by five elements – earth, air, fire, water, and the quintessence or soul; and these elements in turn correspond with seasons. Symbolic values are also given to the numerals from six to ten, which is the number of perfection. The tetractys can be interpreted in many other ways, too, for instance, as the three points of the triangle  enclosing a hexagon of dots – six being the number of life, of choice – with a central dot increasing this to seven, the number of intelligence, health, light, and triumph.