Benedito de Espinoza

The most courageous act is to think for yourself – aloud – to disembroil yourself from the ravelled, choking maze of caution. Brilliance is extinguished by cowardice. The voice of candour, of truth, is muted by cowardice. The refusal to act, in cowardice, forswears all proclaimed self-sacrifice.

One who is truly great reminds you of no one else. For the courage to rebel against all that he found deluded, hypocritical, or spurious, careless of consequence, during the darkest ages of chaotic spiritual, philosophical, and political turmoil, brandishing every word as a sword of right, Spinoza initiated the European enlightenment.

Though there will never be another Spinoza, at this time in history, globally, another valiantly original freedom fighter is desperately needed. May we be so blessed.