Réflexions sur l’immobilier de quartier

Rolling Bay, Pre-contemporary chic – When modern was edging valiantly across the threshold of post-modern, towards contemporary, bold strides, in defiance of the predictably commonplace, were being made here. In the best of ways, there is something sassy, saucy, impudent in every space. A smile is brought to the face. One feels surprise – if not naughty, then thrilling, at least – giggling in wait around every corner.

Port Madison Mid-century rejuvenated – Not re-done, no wishful thinking here. Spared the new clothes cast haphazardly upon old bones, sinew, and skin to conceal their history, their scars, the dignity of their idiosyncrasy. Instead, having discovered the the joy of the renewed vitality of its youth, middle age, savoured. Perhaps betraying my age, as if it could or would be denied, as if we shared some of the same experiences, but from lives only tangential, upon entry into this home, an immediate dialogue ensued.