Soul food

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses,

just as nothing can cure the senses but the

soul. Still the mind; the soul will speak.


To remain for a moment where you do not

belong, where you are not wanted, is worse

than to wander a lifetime, lost, it seems, but

not; and not searching, but tumbling, as it were,

through space, and time, perchance to find psychic

and soulful kinship with those who possess some

blood that is yours, but that you have never known.


What says the soul?  Impressions, first and

otherwise, are spontaneous, defying rational

thought in favour of sensual, visceral reaction.


Like a dream, upon awakening, where recollection

of detail matters less than the feelings that remain,

sensual perception prevails over any opinion of mind.


The body is the temple of the soul, within

which resides one’s individual union with

the divine. To honour the divine within, and

in cultivation of the greater universal and

eternal divine, the maintenance of physical

and psychological wellness and balance is

not only in best guidance, but essential.


If the external temple of the body is well

maintained, the internal temple, wherein one

contemplates the divine, is also likewise nurtured.


Fate may not be coerced, cajoled or counted

on. Cease, to begin anew. Those not blessed

to be eye candy may be food for the soul.