Henry Miller

I read ‘Henry Miller on Writing’ as a writer, also multi-lingual and cultural, also in self-determined exile from the States Once-United of America.

It is through the filters of several other languages and cultures, as Henry Miller, that I found my voice as a writer. Having escaped the tyrannical constraints of American society, puritanical in its Judeo-Christian ascendency – an assumed predominance that homogenizes and thus denies all the benefits of its original diversity – my voice, without the faintest apology, the scantest equivocation, the slightest supplication, again, as that of Henry Miller,  courageously speaks aloud from its own heart.

Regarding profanity, obscenity, and all other liberties defying – in outrage – the painful imbecility, the sycophantic delusion, the moralistic repression of mass indoctrination and mass hysteria, again, like Henry Miller, my literary comrade-in-arms, I affirm, ‘Rave on!’