The Purge

The world is toxic.

Only in those most secluded places, amongst those most worthy of peoples, untainted by global mass indoctrination, mass capitulation, mass hysteria, is there yet harmlessness, does safety yet remain.

Capitalism is toxic. Democracy, in its current manifestation, toxic. The Abrahamic religions – all three of them – toxic. All governments, all parties, all unions, all unifications, toxic. American financial interests, as represented by Wall Street, toxic. Autocratic government-subsidized big business, big pharmaceuticals, big agriculture, and big energy, all at the expense of the people, the environment, the planet – toxic.

Immediate gratification, toxic. Consumption that flatters taste but feeds not – toxic. Embellishment that compliments ego but enhances not – toxic. Remedy that pledges cure only to mollify hypocrisy – toxic.

Intolerance, indifference, complacence, hatred, inequality, prejudice, discrimination – all toxic.

Stress and anxiety, and their crimes of desperation, brought on by the denial of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by community, class, church, and state – toxic.

The domination and definition of value and values demanded and dictated by one gender, one race, one ethnicity, one sexual orientation, one party, one religion, one socio-economic class – toxic.

Coronavirus – toxic.

Its epicenter, really – not China, really, except in its efforts to emulate the path of the misguided West, to compromise its values to resemble those of the imprudent West, to render itself in closer proximity with the deluded West – the heart of all the above deceptions, the States Once-United of America.

A reckoning is upon us all. The instrument of that judgement, punishment, retribution, damnation is a virus. That virus – greed, gluttony, insatiability, covetousness, selfishness. That which you do not have, you have no need of now. Still grasping that which is not yours to hold, to claim, to possess? Suffer, then, the ravages of your own malfeasance.

Despite and still, there is no need to panic. Rest assured, only that which is yours to bear, will you be given to endure. In the end, we all get precisely what we deserve, both good and bad. In the end, there is binding and accounting.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. It is not too late. Or maybe it is. The choice is yours. Choose to be now, or then; was, or is; here, or gone.

Welcome to The Purge.