One is often born other than she or he is meant to be. Biological gender may be suggested at birth, but psychological gender is determined by destiny. Choice, then, accompanied by courage, must intervene to reconcile the inconsistency between the apparently physical manifestation of gender, and the dormant, latent, less readily perceivable predestination of same. One chooses to be who one really is, when one courageously begins to think, to act, to believe, and to commit to that reality.

There can be no half measures, no sitting on the fence, no hiding in the closet. Having disembroiled oneself from the ravelled, choking maze of caution, now fearless, one must surrender entirely to one’s heartfelt determination. Rather than relying upon the definitions of others, to break free of those constraints, one has to define oneself. Invention must overcome concealment; honesty and reality  must coalesce. Whatever the hindrances and limitations of an identity mandated by a hostile society, those must be denied in favour of the burgeoning unveiling mystery of one’s true self, a creation of mythic proportions between artfulness and artifice, between fact and fantasy.

Courage begins at that point, that moment, when resistance overcomes submission. No longer betraying your soul-known fate, become the one yours is for the audacity no other to be. In a world full of fear, be brave. In a world full of lies, be truthful. In a world of indifference and intolerance, come out for true-self-realisation. In a world of imposters, be as you appear, appear as you are. She or he who who is truly memorable, admirable, inspirational reminds you of no one else. Courage is never easy. Courage is never cautious. The only test of courage is boldness. No leap of faith ever revealed its landing prior to the jump.

Be loud. Be proud. Be brilliant.