‘Til recently, never was there anyone dear, whom, out of love, out of devotion, I might obey. Every lesson of value, though, I learned from a women – goddess, mother, sister, sainte, magdalen, or muse. Everything of value I ever got from a man, I won in battle.

Courage has both urged me to go, and convinced me to stay. Good fortune has been the spear in my face; bad fortune, the spear at my back. My heart has always been stronger than my hand. Too long a tongue have I had, often; too quick a hand, arguably; but never have I sat paralyzed in fear upon any fence, unable to defend my land.

My heartfelt gratitude today to all the women who have blessed my life, strengthened me, urged me towards balance, moderation, inspired my words, both spoken and written. Regarding obsession, it is either that or mediocrity. Obsession is passion, devotion, adoration, worship. Mediocrity is complacency, self-satisfaction, self-righteousness, indifference. I loathe, abhor, and despise mediocrity. I remain, then, despite, still, and always, Muse-obsessed.