Music originally sought to orchestrate the clarity, the intelligibility, and the harmony of sound. Honey was offered, its sting denied; the rose in all its splendour extended, its thorn deprived. Today,  arguably the most sophisticated of music strives to synthesize extremes of dissonance, discordance, necessitating an actively intellectual rather than a casually sensual pursuit of  its centre through its labyrinthine corridors, curves, corners , and collisions of sound. From the seeming cacophony of chaos, at last at the wellhead of its gyre of convolution, an innermost core of sublime, transcendental quiet may be found.

Noise music is often misapprehended as merely excessively amplified volume and arbitrarily contrived distortion. It is, in fact, the intermixing of the innumerable hues of sound. Ambiguity and obscurity replace identification and definition. Sound is not constrained to conventional, predictable configurations, but liberated to include all frequencies of pitch and timbre, permitting sonorities of arrangement and adaptation beyond all imaginations but that its  composer.

Silence once reigned. With the invention of the machine, noise was born. Currently, the world is in turmoil. Its noise is not that of the machine, not that of production, but that of the machinations of greed, subterfuge, treachery. This pernicious commotion has triumphed over silence,  intruding into, interfering with, trespassing upon the sensibilities of humanity. Beneath, beyond, through the present pandemonium, for those perspicacious enough, indomitable enough to listen, the thread may be found again to the quiet at the source of being.

Discard all of the scores now available. Like maps, long obsolete, they will serve only to confound. Underlying the drone of the tumult, your ear attuned, your hand on the pulse of animation, a beat – like a mantra, defying all but breath – may be sensed. Go there. Go there now. You still have time.