Toxicity is cumulative. Before reaching lethal levels in the bodies of humans, other animals, other creatures, plants, and the environment, in general, its virulence, in weakening the immune systems of its hosts, welcomes the intrusion of other toxins, thereby intensifying, multiplying initial measures of malevolence.

Any and every source of toxins compromises to the extent of its voracity the well-being of the organisms into which it is granted or asserts entry. Aside from relocating to somewhere less toxic, environmental toxins in air and water, due to vehicular and industrial exhaust, and the run-off, bleed-off – diffusion, discharge, ejection, emanation, emission, exhalation, outpouring, release, venting – of synthetic materials of known carcinogenic or virulent compounds or components, may be beyond one’s control. Other sources of poisonous influence and intrusion, however, are quite well within the realm of one’s self-determination.

Why drink Coco-Cola? Why eat Campbell’s soup? Why use any of the tired, old, chemically engineered, chemically toxic, iconic American products? Why continue with artificial flavours and artificial colours? Why continue with artificial preservatives? Why continue with hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup? Why continue with homogenisation and pasturisation? Why continue with artificial sweeteners, artificial butter, artificial anything? Why eat foods which flatter taste but feed not, swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things? Why continue to modify foods genetically for the commercial gain of government subsidised monster agriculture? Why buy those ubiquitously available products? Why are the States Once-United of America the only country in the world – apart from those which suffer its immediate, persistent, or prevailing influence, like the unfortunate Philippines – where corn and soy, in all their chemically contrived manifestations, may be found in everything? Why?

And, then, of course, there is the toxic effect of the stress and anxiety induced by the debt encouraged by the mercenarial purveyors of such, the brokers of debt, the pimps of immediate satisfaction. The focus, the object of desire – a new car, a new home, a new anything, when the old, the familiar, would continue to serve just fine – is the whore. The pimps of debt, loan brokers, not unlike the pimps of prostitutes, heighten the allure of their wares, the hookers themselves. Of course – motivated by the cut they receive in bringing John and hooker together – they are ruthless. They care not why or how you come to them, just that you leave having compromised your better sense, your better reason. Fidelity? That is so very old-fashioned. In the battle of freedom versus responsibility – the reckless forswearing of promise in preference of the staid preservation of commitment – temptation, with the assent of the debt-pimps, will forever, for most Americans, remain the one ensnarement they cannot refuse. All that of which one feels deprived, should be seized without further delay. Prophylactics, whether they are used or not, customer’s choice – for a limited time only – will be thrown in at no cost.

All cancers, all viruses, all pernicious breaches of health are due to the accumulation of toxins – toxins added to toxins, toxins upon toxins, ’til the body, the organism, can no longer withstand the incursion. The prevention, the cure, is the reduction, then the eradication, of toxic infiltrations, invasions, influences. The assurance that any organism will succumb lies only in the continued multiplication of malignant penetrations.

Read every label before purchasing anything. What is its origin? What are its contents? How is it packaged and presented? If there is any ingredient unrecognized, make another more salutary selection. Conscientious packaging often offers reliable prelude to genuinely nutritious and beneficial contents. If it is harmful to the environment, it will ultimately be harmful to all of its inhabitants. Do not compromise. Half measures will not suffice to alter a situation already perilous, or headed that way. Processing of anything renders it less healthful than originally intended. Buy nothing in a can. Buy glass bottled products with care. Buy nothing frozen. Avoid all meat and seafood unless certain of the wholesomeness of its origin. With all meats, unless the animals were raised stress-free, cage-free, on natural pastures, or on organically grown feed befitting their species, consumption is risky at best. Milk should be raw; cheese, butter, and yoghourt, derived from raw milk. Eggs should be from free-range fowl. Grains should not be genetically modified, but ‘ancient’, original. The current widespread issue with the gluten of wheat is owning solely to its genetic modification. ‘Ancient’ whole grains are protein-rich and harmless to all. Fruits and vegetables should be organic, if possible, and eaten raw, if possible. Cooking should be minimal.

Obesity is predominantly American, or inspired through proximity to American enticement or incentive. Wanton government sanctioning of widespread public poisoning, through genetic modification, toxic food processing, and other insidious methods of mass deceit – industrial in their motivation and proportion – are also predominantly American. Autocratic, puritanical, prejudiced,  racist, sexist American institutions of government, church, business, and industry would have it believed that white, blond, vanilla are superior –white bread, white sugar, white eggs, white rice. Nothing white – nothing at all! – is superior to anything brown, black, or of any other natural colour. 

Now in the throes, the grasp, the grip of the coronavirus, before pointing fingers at those accused to be blameful through the propaganda of the affluent white west, look for the greater virus, the greater vice, the greater virulence. The rotten apple is easy to find – it stinks, though its rottenness is hidden, its defilement furtive. The rotten apple is just as easily removed.

Apples, in general, need not be avoided. Boycott only those apples already known to be of dubious authenticity and quality.

Cease, to begin anew.