In submitting to hypnosis, one merely voluntarily acquiesces to passive acceptance of penetration into her or his subconscious mind. Such submission its wholly self-determined; entry into the subconscious may not be coerced or cajoled. As with a reading of Tarot, or any other divinatory device, where a querent surrenders to an interpreter, or reader, entrée to the labyrinthine corridors of her or his life and destiny; a similar querent undergoes guided hypnosis, granting the navigator of the exercise access to past events, in the hope of altering present behaviours; or latent or dormant desires, penchants, predilections, predispositions, or propensities theretofore unacknowledged openly, which strive for disclosure. 

One’s gender, or sexual preference, or sexual identity are determined by destiny. Outward physical manifestation may suggest a particular gender, or allude to such diminutively, while other indicators may contradict that apparent conclusion. Physically, alone, voices, hands, body, build, gonadial endowment, frame, physique, facial and body hair, all may suggest a leaning contrary to formalized gender identification. Further evidence, even proof, of destined gender may be revealed psychologically, mentally, sensually, even spiritually. All of these factors combined, whether accepted or denied, suggest at least undeveloped, unexpressed, unrevealed ascertainment of gender. To appear as one feels oneself to be, to be as one feels one appears, often in courage, in defiance, coalescing into one true person all that one would claim oneself to be, is to acknowledge the ineluctable ordainment of destiny.

Those with the best character possess a feeling for and an appreciation of beauty, the courage to gamble with their lives, the fearlessness and the discipline to tell the truth, and the willingness and the capacity for sacrifice. These virtues admit a cultivation of vulnerability. Those who are so gifted are often wounded, sometimes destroyed, but never defeated.

If you can be brave, you can be brilliant. Disembroil yourself from the ravelled, choking maze of caution. Do it now. What are you waiting for? Nothing begins ’til you get there.