Families may be self-governing, leadership granted to her to to him best endowed to manage, to command. Communities, however simple, it is thought, it is claimed, require governance. Those who have the most substantial material wealth to protect, to sustain, usurp governance of those who have less. Those who have, then, increase their advantage, while those who have not, increase their dependence.

Though wealth is conservative, avarice is rapacious. Greed leads to prejudice, prejudice to intolerance, intolerance to discrimination,  discrimination  to exploitation, to imperialism, the return of barbarity, to the death of civilisation.

Many of the strongest women and men were broken in their early lives. Scarred, but determined, now standing alone, each of them, raging defiantly, rebelling against all who would torment them, the duped majority and their despotic masters.

Most of the weakest women and men have never been broken. In fear, they fled their challenges unventured, cowering amongst the other impotent in group submission to every threat, both real and imaginary, sycophantic puppets of sinarchist autocracy.

Long live the aberrant, the activist, the alchemist, the divergent, the eccentric, the exile, the free spirit, the genius, the iconoclast, the inventor, the magician, the muse, the myrmidon, the outlaw, the poet, the rebǝl, the revolutionary, the sorcerer, the sorceress, the visionary!

Find what you love. Die for it, if it does not kill you first. There are only life and death. Die with the same passion, the same obsession, with which you live.