Neither sainte nor super; neither woman nor man.

Embodiment of third-gender paragon. Dauntless

as any woman, reckless as any man, not following,

less leading, wildness and wiseness, sempiternal. 

In vast surrender, strength renewed; in service,

servitude, undenied, urgency and inexorability,

my command. My heart much stronger than your

hand. My will, more persevering than your demand.

Shame in nothing; humiliation, mere gratification.

Your temptation, my fulfilment. Your rage, my control.

Your lies, your censure. Between hypocrisy and truth,

there is tolerance. Approaching rhythms of old

circumstance to the perilous margin, moment,

this is that latest all-risk: An I who mine is for the

courage no other to be. Reckless, rebellious, free.