There are only two tragedies

in life – not getting what you

want, and getting it. There is

no remedy for not getting what

you want; hence the tragedy of it.

Getting it is only a tragedy in that

the want will be gone forever,

replaced by the need, first, then

the insatiability, then the obsession.

Enter the current global poisoning,

where the sever meets the sea,

wealth and privation intermixed.

Will the sever pollute the sea?

Will the sea purify the intruding

filth? Or will the balance of dirty

and clean be redressed? Only

that which one has earned is hers

or his to keep. Life does not give

itself to one to tries to keep all

of its advantages at once. 

Keep that which is essential;

relinquish the rest. Like it or not,

as deserved, both good and bad,

the world will renew its poise.