Are you true to yourself? If you appear as you are, and you are as you appear, however divergent you are from that which has been touted as the seeming or conventional societal norm, then you will realise that acceptance of an extreme commitment to, and unfaltering covenant with, the open manifestation of that dedication will demand a confession of disloyalty to all else in your lives, to all that you are presumed to be, but in fact are not.

Will you forsake everyone and everything to honour your true self, or does that remain a decision you are still loth to make? Will you choose your families because they are blood; your friends, because you share experiences; your jobs, because they promise to provide you with a steady income, and the leisure to continue to pretend to be other than you are? Will your true self persevere in secret, but for fleeting, part-time validation in closets stolen?

Reality, authenticity, intrepidity demand full-time declaration, or none at all. You could be brilliant, but you are a coward. Choose, therefore, to be now, or then.