Recently, I saw a poster – white lettering on black, one word, one punctuation mark, a period, conveying all there is to know about how to thrive in this country of ambiguity, interpreted by those with money and power, those able, through their commercial, industrial, economic influence, and concomitant contributions to their special interests, to manipulate, to sway, to own those who make the rules, the politicians – Comply.

My response, of course – to break the bonds of slavery, to unmask the hypocrisy, to eradicate the fear, arise from your knees,  run your fated gauntlet, not to escape opposition, but to stand against oppression – also one word, one punctuation mark, a period, black over white – Rebǝl.

Freedom is a decision away, a change away. If nothing changes, nothing changes. White is not always light; black is not always dark.