Those who are truly free blame no one. Blame is vacuous, anyway. To be sure, there are responsibility, wrongdoing, misconduct, criminality, but these must be punished. There is no justice when the offenders are the judges. There is no discipline when the offenders are the administers of discipline. To blame is merely to point an ineffectual finger. There are no alleged perpetrators here; the guilty are clearly visible. In cowardice, to rely upon others no less impotent to affect change and correction, is only to shake a fist in idle threat when what is required is promise.

The coronavirus is closer to home than many of the other symptoms of global disintegration, all consequential, conclusive manifestations of the much greater disease of man’s inhumanity to man, man’s avaricious inconsideration of environment and planet, all in the hideous name of capitalistic acquisition. Before the church distorted then laid waste the faith, before the party deformed then despoiled the ideology, before economic tyranny and oligarchical supremacy deluded then denied basic human rights and liberties, democracy and democratic values were perhaps more arguably cogent.

What we have now, it appears, is nothing short of celestial intervention. Not celestial as in a subjectively defined divinity, but celestial as in universal, as in cosmological. Human beings have fucked things up so severely, the universe itself, to save its planet Earth, and her inhabitants, those found worthy, has chosen to end the current misguided cataclysm. 

Karma will prevail. Of both good and bad, we will all get what we deserve. There can be no prisoners, no half-measures, no disciplinary re-education, no eventual release on co-operative behaviour. The punishment for all crimes against humanity, all crimes against the Earth and all her innocent creatures, is death.

Tests or no tests, quarantines or no quarantines, curfews or no curfews, regardless of whatever actions taken to protect, one way or another, the guilty will get their due.

Beware, though, not to take the side of right is to side with wrong. Sitting on the fence is not allowed. Ignorance and fear are not excusable. The coronavirus is a predatory toxin which thrives in environments made ready for it by other toxins. Engendered by the greed of capitalism, nearly all that may be deemed modern is toxic. If it is not beneficial, it is detrimental. If detrimental, toxic.

Morality, too, again, not as in any subjectively religious sense, but in that of universally, cosmologically preceptive ethics, is either humane or inhumane, conscientious or careless, beneficial or detrimental.

The warnings have been many. All unheeded. The Saxons in Northern Ireland, a reward to the disgraced defeated of the Boer War in but one of England’s criminal exploits of imperialism. The Israelis in Palestine, a homeland denied in the home of all the Abrahamic religions. The Russians in the Ukraine, after the legitimate fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The civil war in Syria, one demented king against an entire nation. The Russians back in Syria. The mass killings in America. Trump in America. Fundamentalism on the rise in church and state. Intolerance. Inequality. Hate. Industrial and agricultural poisoning of water and air. Genetic modification. The mass poisoning of entire populations through the marketing and pushing of foods that flatter taste but feed not, swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things. Global warming. The list is damning.

May those with a conscience remaining arise against those without. The virus will take its toll from those worthy of its smite. In its wake, may the righteous rise up in rebellion to construct a world anew.