If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If you can’t fix it, don’t break it.

Spinoza, with purpose, motivation, inspiration ’til then unforeseen, since then unparalleled – forging a path never before taken philosophically, psychologically, or spiritually – found himself, certainly not through any manner of self-proclamation, but ordained so by historical time and place, a prophet – The Prophet of Enlightenment.

Having removed himself from every prior and then current context of comfortable belonging and consensus, with unassailable brilliance and indomitable courage, defying all urgings but the singular one of his calling, he single-mindedly, as it were, realigned the universe vis-à-vis humanity.

So thorough and incontestable were his logic, his compassion, his method, the world was shaken. Who is this prophet who is not our own? Fearful for the continued leisure of their long accustomed and accepted conventionality, they took offense, and the debate began.

Just because one is offended, does not mean that she or he is right.

And here we are again, on the eve of destruction. The world is a mess. We need a new enlightenment. We need a new prophet. We need a new Spinoza.