Curse not the messenger, the coronavirus, merely the foretoken of retribution, the revelation of the duly convicted. Curse, rather, those convicted. The real news of the day, the era, the apocalypse, is this –

Your president is a waste of protoplasm, an agent of disaster, an instrument of contagion; his government, but an imbecilic authoritarian oligarchy, preying upon the weaknesses of the ill-informed populace; their constituents, but deluded white male supremacists, manifesting cowardice as hatred, temptation as intolerance, submission as dominance, passivity as aggression; their church, but a fundamentalist, evangelical, dispensational hypocrisy, its salvation but the damnation of reason, tolerance, compassion, humanity.

Curse the culture of debt – debt pimps, debt whores, debt pushers and users. Curse the socio-economic fallacy of inhumanity that suggests that enrichment of the rich in any way surpasses the virtue of ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’. Curse industrialised agriculture – growing, marketing, and pushing foods that flatter taste but feed not, swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things. Curse industrialised medicine – profiting only from continued illness, exacerbated by mis-prescription, guaranteed by the concomitant side-effects.

Why is the States Once-United of America now so plagued? If you have to ask, it is too late for redemption. If you have to ask, you are already infected.