Capacity for discernment, feeling, impression, understanding. Imaginative penetration. Subjective awareness. Observation. Vision. Judgement. Sensitivity. Intuition. Perception. Comprehension. By any definition, insight is not, can not, and should not be objective.

House whisperer, I have been called. The appellation elicits a smile, to be sure; were it only said of me by the houses themselves.

Nor have I, though, eluded the odd negative criticism for my honest portrayal of homes, for the most part from those who profit from their misrepresentation. I alone am totally accountable for my original words, and make no apologies for them. Just because one is offended does not mean that one is right.

The sale of homes, as an industry, has earned widespread ill-repute, not, certainly, owing to the homes themselves, but to those who sell them. For better or for worse, I side with the homes. We share the same sense – the sixth sense.