From the perspective of its originality of design alone, this property should not be missed. Its placement amongst the trees, in harmony with its orientation, and with its surroundings, welcomes all who approach the expansive stairs to the front door with seemingly unbounded graciousness. A liberty is granted here; an invitation to share in the serenity of this magical home. Inside, the wood-framed windows summon the light, which graciously complies, filling the home with radiance. Surrounded by towering conifers, one might presume a diminishment of brightness, but the illumination seeks the house, even as the house seeks its lustre. Immediately apparent is the lavish openness of space – horizontally, vertically, and beyond the windows, through the trees, up into their loftiest boughs. From the farthest corner of the living room, into the dining room, and into the kitchen, resplendent openness, vivacity and vision, commingle. The feeling is one of freedom. The response is one of joy.