My dream –

In Beijing for business, in the evening, dinnertime, I was in a sophisticated high-end cocktail lounge on the upper floor of a contemporary office building close to my hotel. It was busy, but not crowded. The attire was business jacket and tie, after-work semi-formal. Unaccompanied, I sat at a small table off to the side a bit from the center of the lounge, fairly close to the booths around the perimeter.

Seated in one of the booths, which were shaped in shallow U’s, opposite three men, there was a lovely woman in a white buttoned-down cotton dress with large black polka-dots about the size of Welsh pound sterling coins. Her hair was down, but I could see the large pearls dangling from fine silver chains at her ears. From my diagonal vantage point, I could also see underneath her table, as if she were positioned just for me. Her dress was short enough to encourage the crossing of her legs. Her high heels were of black leather.

That woman was you.

From the moment I sat down, I could not take my eyes off of you. I was the only non-Chinese present, and my older distinguished appearance also caught your eye. I smiled at you. You smiled back. Your companions were leaning toward one another, talking amongst themselves. The table in front of them was already laden with numerous tumblers. I imagined 白酒. They seemed oblivious even of your presence, let alone of your attention towards me. You had a couple of tumblers in front of you, too.

The view of you was so spectacular, my gaze was undoubtedly intrusive. You did not give me the impression, though, that it was unwelcome. Your knees and calves, under the table, were attractive, to be sure, but, with my eyes – I could not help myself – I urged the unfolding of your legs to reveal the treasure high up in their keeping. I lifted my eyes again to you, suggesting the tease continue. Loudly and clearly, and to my delight, you comprehended. You unfolded your legs, revealing lacy deep emerald green panties. I wriggled in my chair to accommodate my stiffening cock. With your legs still spread, you unbuttoned the two top buttons of your dress, and delicately, with only a finger, granted me a glimpse of your bra, which was also of deep emerald green.

My eyes were locked on you. You could see and, perhaps, even feel, my increasing arousal. Your eyes, too, were fully engaged with mine. After a quick glance at your companions, to ensure that they remained distracted, you rose ever so slightly from your seat, then very adeptly removed your panties. As they fell to the floor at your feet, you bent down, quickly grabbed them, and, brilliantly, pulling your hair back, used them as a hair tie, to hold your hair back away from your face; assuring both that the panties would not be misplaced, and that your peripheral vision might be further enhanced for whatever came next.

You then spread your legs widely for me, exposing your pussy, noticeably moist with excitement. You opened the lips of your pussy for me. You fingered your clit. I was now squirming in my seat, my face aflame with passion. With a naughtily wicked smile, after glancing again at your companions, you lifted the empty tumbler in front of you, and brought it down under the table, where you turned its lip on the lips of your pussy, rotating it so that the entire lip of the tumbler was kissed by your wet pussy lips. Then, from the lower part of your pussy, close to your butthole, you slowly dragged the tumbler upwards to capture as much of your pussy juice as possible. I was entranced.

Bringing the tumbler again to the top of the table, you signalled for a waitress. Whispering in her ear, you gave her the instructions which were manifested in my next great surprise. You, yourself, placed the pussied tumbler on a small tray held by the waitress. She, then, brought it to me, indicating that I was to take the tumbler, myself. She smiled. I took the tumbler, and thanked her. Fully hard, I was about to cream in my trousers. I raised the tumbler to my nose. It smelled of the sublime fragrance of not just any pussy, but your pussy. With the tip of my tongue, turning the glass in my hand, I licked the entirety of the outside of its rim, and then I licked the entirety of its inside. From the upward stroke of your pussy, a drip of pussy juice had made its way to the bottom of the tumbler. As I could not get my tongue all the way down to the bottom of the glass, I poured just a bit of my sparkling water into the tumbler, swirled it around, tipped the glass into my mouth, and held it there, my eyes now piercing yours. After savouring your essence, I swallowed it.

How could I possible arise to that challenge? It would be more difficult for me, but I decided to go for it. With my raincoat over my waist, I unfastened my belt, unzipped my pants, and, after rubbing my aching cock, bringing pre-cum to its tip above the waistband of my underwear, I brought my empty glass down to receive that pure pre-cum. I had to be careful, because I wanted to shoot all over my table. With the glass safely back on my table, I zipped up and re-fastened my belt. I poured a little sparkling water into the glass. My white cum was pooled at the bottom. It was just a few drops, but it was easily visible. You had been watching me the whole time; so you could guess what was in store for you. Summoning the same waitress who had helped us last time, I requested that she deliver my glass to you, and have you remove it from the tray yourself. She smiled. I slipped a generous reward of gratitude, a tip, into her hand.

With my tumbler in front of you, you raised it to your nose. Pre-cum is strong. You could smell it. With your other hand fingering your pussy, you sipped my cum-water. You could feel its unique stickiness on your lips, you could taste its sweetness on your tongue. Your eyes rolled. You emptied the glass, and swallowed.

It was time to fuck.

With my eyes, I motioned towards the restrooms. You nodded your assent. I asked the waitress to keep watch over my table. You mentioned to your companions, apparently unnoticed, that you were going to the ladies room. In the corridor leading to the restrooms, I suggested that you first check the ladies room to see if it was occupied. At that moment, the coast was clear. Much to your surprise, I followed you inside, grabbed your hand, and pulled you into a stall. Both inside, I locked the door.

We were insanely overwhelmed with immediate sexual craving. We needed each other. We could not wait. We kissed madly, but we wanted more, then, all of it. You unbuttoned your dress. I unclasped your bra. I unfastened my belt, lowered my zipper, and pulled off my trousers. While I unbuttoned my shirt, you loosened my tie, and pulled it over my head. I knelt down, and began to eat your pussy, concentrating on your clit. We were desperate, and constrained by both time and space. I brought you to your feet, turned you around, and told you I wanted to lick your butthole. Bent over, holding the back of the toilet, I could get my tongue inside you. I licked and tongued your sweet, yummy hole, as beloved as the other.

Everything was rushed. It had to be. You said, let me suck you. Sitting on the toilet, as I stood in front of you, I gave you my rock-hard cock, over 20 centimetres of desire about to explode. Just as you had begun  to suck me, we heard voices. At least two women had entered the bathroom. Gently holding your head, I encouraged you to continue. In minutes, though, our excitement heightened perhaps by the presence of strangers, I pulled out of your mouth, and lifted you up with your hands. You turned around, and, again, resting your hands on the back of the toilet, I entered your sopping wet pussy. Immediately, without warmup, I gave you all I had, all the way up to my balls. My balls were slapping your luscious ass, as I pounded you, fucking you harder and harder. You began to moan lightly. Lovemaking that fierce, that intense, could not be disguised. We heard the murmured voices of the women outside the stall. We did not care. We had to fuck each other. We had to fuck. Your knees nearly buckled as your orgasm almost made you screech. I held you up, and hammered my cock ever more deeply into you, my cum surging forth in pulses that shook you to your core. With every thrust, I shot another load, and another, and another, filling you.

When we were done, we cared of nothing else. We had fucked; that was all that mattered. We silently got dressed. You took your panties from your hair, placed your small handkerchief in the crotch to absorb the cum, and put them back on. Poised before opening our stall door, we had to be brave. The women were still in the bathroom with us. You made your exit first, smiling at them. Moments later, from the same stall of the women’s room, I emerged, smiling, too. What were they to say? We had just fucked. We could not deny it, nor would we. May you get yours, too, one day.

Back at your table, we pretended that none of that had ever happened. I summoned the waitress for my bill, and asked one last favour of her – When the timing was right, would she secretly slip my business card to you. She had paid attention as every good waitress should. She knew that I was in love, and that I would defy all risks to continue to pursue you. I thanked her, smiled one last time at you, and left.