The cure for anything is salt water – blood, sweat, tears, or the sea. If you think you are free, there is no escape possible. Freedom is often the name given to the easy way out, the path or the means by which one escapes; the option opposite and opposing that of  facing what is before you. Freedom lies not in avoidance, but in acceptance. If freedom is but a fetter to a greater freedom, you are still not free. The only real and complete freedom is the acceptance of everything, good and bad. The only way out is through. When your gauntlet is run, your karmic debt paid, your destiny fulfilled, the blows will stop, and you may stand again full height. The war may have damaged you – it usually does somehow. Those who fight, who fought, are often thought dangerous. They know they can survive. Only those who leave the battlefield in fear are dangerous. There is no danger in fearlessness. The wounds of war will not heal, not entirely. Accept your wounds as the places the light may enter you. Light heals faster than darkness. Freedom, like grief, is earned; not through the sacrifices of others, but through your sacrifices alone. The freedom you have not earned is an illusion.