Noxious America

Acquiescent support of global despotism, Israel, Russia, USA, et cetera; anxiety, fear, desperation; bashing of lesbian, bi, gay, trans, queer, questioning; chemically processed, artificially flavoured and preserved, genetically-modified foods; cold-blooded murder of George Floyd; demise of middle class; Donald Trump, his government, his followers, his sympathisers; fundamentalist evangelicalism; global interference; global warming; hate, prejudice, inequality; indifference, complaisance, compliance; industrial agriculture; industrial pharmaceuticals; industrialised food production; industrialised religion; loan industry debt-pimps, debt encouragement; National Rifleman’s Association, its members, its sympathisers; oligarchical usurpation of rights, freedoms, and livelihood of 99%; pasteurisation, homogenisation; rape and ravaging of environment; straight, white, male, protestant supremacy.

By universal natural law, everyone will get precisely what she or he deserves. If you have lived a toxic life; if you have in fear, cowardice, or complaisance supported or indulged in any of the above poisons, hostilities, resentments, malevolences, malignancies; the flag you brandish outside your door is that of the coronavirus, bidding it to enter. If you have lived a toxic life, you will die a toxic death. The crimes you witness in silence are your crimes; their punishment, yours. Vengeance by celestial, by earthly, by universal decree.