One need not surmise that any of this persuaded me to become someone I was not intended to be. Remember my story of the prince who believed in all things but three. I was not that prince, not at all. From the very beginning, I took command of my destiny.

Decades ago, I studied Soviet Theatre and Drama at Leningrad State University. I already spoke Russian then. While I was in Russia, with very long hair, I was pretty, in a very feminine way. My voice has always been high, again, very feminine. During the day, I was an effeminate student, alluring, even mesmerising; at night, dressed as a woman, presenting myself as a woman, being the woman I was inside, I was a slut, a whore. I did not hide my sexuality. I was lover to countless Russian men. As a student of literature, poetry, art, and theatre, intelligent, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, many men of sophistication treated me like the woman I wanted to be. Little did they know that I was also, and, preferably, lover to every common worker who would have me. Everything was, of course, concealed. It is unfortunate. Had these men been able to reveal their true passions, they would have been much happier, then and still, and I would have spent much longer than I did in Russia.