I have never been desperate for love. In Chinese astrology, I am a Water Snake. Left alone, undisturbed, I am harmless; violated in any way, I will strike to kill. Rest assured, I am not in any way dangerous or frightening; I am intense. Without hesitation, I accept candy from anyone who will likewise accept candy from anyone. This is not a play on words. I do not seduce, intellectually, or in any other way. I do allow myself to be seduced. Caution is for cowards. No leap of faith ever foresaw its landing before the jump. I am dauntless.

My most basic rules are these – Never love anyone who treats you as if you were just like everyone else. No one is superior. No one is inferior. No one is equal, either. Everyone is unique, incomparable.

My second rule, less hard and fast, perhaps, but still of crucial importance – You must love him or her more than he or she loves you. Love is unreserved, unconditional, unbounded, absolute, outright, definite…or none of those. Love is free, requiring no recompense, no reciprocation, no equivalence. I am Muse-obsessed. My devotion must, and does, exceed any acknowledgement of same I might receive in return.

My final rule is this – Flaunt the imperfection. Cherish the imperfection. Unconditional love may thrive only in a world without perfection. Perfection is the enemy of the good.