Cumulation, once more

She or he who is truly free blames no one.

And then along came coronavirus. Whom does one blame?

Should you succumb, you have only yourself to blame. Should you perish, again, you have only yourself to blame.

Vulnerability is cultivated, either purposefully and carelessly. Sufficient vulnerability to invite a pernicious or even deadly intrusion into the body takes years, even a lifetime to nurture. Certainly, last minute precautions can be taken to discourage invasion, but those will likely merely tease both you and the virus with an impotent, No, no, no.

Everyone gets precisely what she or he deserves, both good and bad. Maybe one was born into a toxic country, like the States Once-United of America, where big business colludes with government to delude the public into compromising longterm health for immediate gratification. Despite and still, it is the individual responsibility of everyone to be the self-advocate regarding her or his health and well-being. Most supermarkets in the SOUA offer only bad choices, toxic choices; so all the more careful must one be to ensure that other choices are made.

All toxins are cumulative. The longer one favours foods that flatter taste but feed not, being but swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things, the greater the accumulation of toxins in the body. When further intensified, exacerbated by environmental toxins, combined with the toxic effects of stress and anxiety, the body becomes an ineluctable attraction to any and every other toxin passing by. Enter the coronavirus, or any other virus.

If one lives a toxic life, one dies a toxic death. All cancers are but the accumulation of toxins pushed over the edge by stress and anxiety. Are they hereditary? Does one live the same toxic life as one’s forebears?

As if the toxicity of everything else were not enough, Americans, and those unfortunates influenced by or subject to American bias or impact, seem unable to resist abuse of any and every other recreational toxin. All one needs is less. Contrarily, all Americans need is more.

There are of course those seeming unfortunates who apparently have no choice but the worst choice. These, too, though, having surrendered to mass indoctrination, mass hysteria, mass intoxication, really, also, have only themselves to blame for their mass poisoning, leading to mass vulnerability to susceptibility to death by virus. Everyone has a sense for what is right and what is wrong. Poisoning oneself cannot be right.

The old are thought to be most vulnerable, but their vulnerability has just had longer to aggravate. Had they lived lives free of toxins, they would be no more vulnerable than the young; that is, not vulnerable at all. Diabetes, Type II, is but the body’s response to a life and a diet with too little exercise, too many toxic foods. So the young, too, though young, may be just as likely to contract and to die from the coronavirus as their parents and grandparents.

Unfortunately, if,  following a lifetime of ignorance, recklessness, and self-indulgence, one now confronts the virus, one has only to prepare for the worst.

For those who have taken care of themselves, minding their healthfulness, this will be merely a bump in the road. The cockroach that finds your kitchen clean will hastily move next door to the neighbour.

Catastrophically, though, the majority is of the former persuasion; hence the imminent re-setting, re-tooling, re-calibrating of the entire world. Again, though, the healthy will prevail.

Fate may not be coerced, cajoled, or counted on. You will get what you deserve. A toxic death for a toxic life; or exemption, for a life well-lived.

Before you cast blame alone on your government, church, or community-at-large, blame yourself.

Cease, to begin anew.