Not as in personal protective devices against the contagion and the spread of infection, but as in disingenuous or hypocritical expressions or postures, that is, false faces.

Maskless –

They hide behind their ignorance, their fear of the revelation of their sycophancy, their temptation towards all that they pretend to revile, their voluntary orchidectomies at the hands of their gutless leaders, their big trucks, their big guns. With all of that behind which to hide, they feel able to brandish their ugly faces, their shit-eating grins.

Masked (complete with hoods) –

James Strom Thurmond Senior, proud member of the KKK, was an American military officer and politician who served for forty-eight years as a United States Senator from South Carolina. He ran for president in 1948 as the Dixiecrat candidate on a States Rights platform supporting racial segregation. He was compelled to wear a mask in public to protect the hypocrisy of his identity.